Top Reasons to Sell on Kindle – Is This the Ideal Business Model?

If you’re looking for ways to make money online, then it pays to think a little outside the box. Too often we focus only on building websites, on affiliate marketing or on selling services.

But in fact there are countless other options, whether that means building an app for Android, or it means creating an ebook. And creating an ebook to sell on Kindle might just be that perfect business model you’re looking for. Read on and we’ll look at some of the ways in which this is an ideal way to make money online…

It’s Easy

Selling an ebook on Kindle is a business model that literally anyone can emulate. As long as you can write and you have a copy of Word (even that is somewhat optional) then you can create a book and upload it to the Kindle Store. There’s no fee for becoming a publisher and it can all be done in an evening. The only hard bit is writing the book – but you can easily outsource this or purchase the rights to a digital product if you prefer.

It’s Efficient

Selling on Kindle is also efficient in as much as you can re-use old content and recycle your products. For example, once you’ve created an ebook for Kindle, there’s no reason that you can’t also sell it on Nook, on the Google Play Bookstore or on iTunes. You can also create a PDF and simply sell it from your own website.
There’s also no reason that you can’t create entire series of books reusing certain elements of your content.

It’s Truly Passive

Making money online is a truly passive form of income. In other words, once you’ve uploaded your book to the Kindle Store, you’ll be able to continue making sales without having to do anything else to promote it. People will find it on the Store by searching and even if the book isn’t a hit, you can still find that this provides an additional source of revenue as occasional sales trickle in.
There are many online business models that claim to be passive but almost all of them require some form of maintenance or ongoing promotion. Selling books on Kindle is truly 100% passive!

It’s Scalable

The fact that you aren’t trading time for money when you sell Kindle books means that it is truly scalable. In other words, you can take your effective business model and repeat it over and over again to drastically increase your sales.
So you’ve made money from selling one book. What’s to stop you from create another book and selling that too? And then another and another?
Even if all these books only make you $10 a week – once you’re selling 100 of them, that’s then $1,000 a week!
More likely though, what you’ll find is that most of your books don’t make that much money at all – perhaps they make you $1 a week if you’re lucky. But then you’ll have one breakout hit that drives sales for all the others up and that drastically increases your salary. This is a game of numbers and if you play long enough, eventually success is inevitable!

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