Partner with us

We’d be honored to have you on board to partner with us on this journey where everyone will benefit. We will promote you and your products and services. We will be promoting our books and other forthcoming training courses. All the readers as well as current and potential clients will find great resources to further enhance their knowledge, skills and finally discover how they can make a difference in the world by sharing their knowledge — and getting paid for it.

So how can we promote your work, your message, and your business to our Experts Valley community?

There are several options available for us to feature your work:

  • On our Experts Valley website
    • Experts corner (blog)
    • Courses we recommend
    • Enlarge your library (books)
    • Freebies
  • On our Experts Valley Facebook page / community
  • Via email
  • Via Experts Valley and our personal network

Experts corner (our blog)

Become a guest blogger at our Experts corner blog. Don’t want to be exposed? You may simply send us some of the materials and blog posts for us to publish, or you may give us the permission to use content you submit via your digital platforms.

Courses we recommend

Let’s work together to decide which of your courses would be relevant for the Experts Valley subscribers. Your courses will be featured and promoted at the “Courses we recommend” section. Where possible, we’d appreciate having affiliate links or any other form of compensation for the exchange of promoting your work and maintaining the platform.

Enlarge your library

In this section we promote all the books we believe our community members and subscribers would benefit from. So, if you have written any books, we are happy to include them in our library. Every book can have a short description and a link to an Amazon page (alternatively to any other sales page you prefer). There’s also an option to have a longer description on a separate page, again with a link to an Amazon or your sales page.


Do you offer anything for free? We can promote your “free” offer in this section.

Experts Valley Facebook page / community

We all know Facebook and its endless opportunity. This is a place where we can promote your work, your message, and your business to our Experts Valley community.

Email & other platforms

Send us already prepared content with supporting materials and we will be happy to promote you. We’d appreciate using affiliate links.