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Digital Warriors

Do you dream of having an online business and don’t know where to start?

If you want to be an internet entrepreneur, then this book will give you the foundation of what your online business needs, saving you both time and money.


But first a warning, this book is not for everyone. There is no magic pill or button you can press to become a long term digital business owner. However, if you understand the way the top entrepreneurs are operating today, you can put yourself on the path to the freedom and prosperity of doing something you love.

Digital Warriors will give you the formula for success used by many in the online world. You will see how the ideas from moguls like Frank Kern, Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard, Danny Iny, and Stu McLaren are being implemented by startup digital entrepreneurs all over the world. These ideas have been summarized in 11 groundbreaking rules being used universally and are considered core tenets of internet businesses.

It’s more than just about the 11 rules though, here’s what else you will learn:

    • Learn the one thing you have to do everyday to succeed online
    • Market dominance is your #1 concern, right? Wrong!
    • Where to find your uniqueness, and be more appealing than the big guns (chapter 4)
    • How to quickly eliminate the wrong content from ever reaching your clients
    • Why you should stop worrying about technology
    • Say goodbye to procrastination and find your spark (chapter 3)
    • The truth about imposter syndrome
    • What to do if you have multiple avatars

Don’t wait any longer to make your move!