Outsource your book

Outsource Your Book

Do you want to get your book out without lifting a finger?

Discover the 17 steps (known only by bestselling authors) to going from a book idea to a six-figure funnel including:

  • how to position your book so that it’s a bestseller — you have to do this before it’s written;
  • where to hire a pro to craft a clever book outline;
  • how to hire the right interviewer who can get your ideas out of your head;
  • how to turn your ideas into a masterfully crafted manuscript;
  • the three different types of editing, and which ones you need;
  • how and where to hire for the interior layout and formatting of your book;
  • where to hire a designer for an attention-grabbing cover, and why the right cover can make or break your book sales;
  • how to optimize your book for online sales so that it pops up on top of any search results;
  • where to find the pros to launch your book to bestseller status, and to reach libraries and foreign markets;

and much more!

Outsource Your Book answers the following question:

How do I turn my business book idea into a bestseller by hiring out? 

Grab your copy now and discover the 17 steps to becoming an authority, building credibility, preparing for a consultancy, and leaving a legacy.

Your book awaits you!